From Jen (flash/short fiction)

From Aaron for the hell of it

From Carmen (editor of Puerto del Sol): here are a list of online magazines that are very popular right now. I would note the really simple (read: easily updateable) design and the range of their content. thecollagist/ (the most au courant online mag put out by the publishing monopoly Dzanc Books) db12/ webconj.htm (this is a web-exclusive component for CONJUNCTIONS magazine) (this is THE most popular literary blog online. they get 1000s of hits a day) (a veteran online mag) (a great model because it's simple and really popular)

Old school Literary Magazines: 1143209523824858.pdf 1188560996281250.pdf

More Online Lit Magazines (as seen on first day of class)

magazine or newspaper format…

http://www.narrativemagazine. com/

dealing with digital posibilities
http://www.octopusmagazine. com/ Fovea/la_fovea.html

going whole hog with new media mother.html vol11/home/index11.html

format changes the purpose of lit mag