Each pair of students should open a new page to use as a work and reporting space for re-branding New Mexico and will link their page on this main storehouse of branding activities. See Jen with questions about linking pages.

We will first discuss New Mexico's current branding - via the state tourism department's website: http://www.newmexico.org/ - and will then attempt to craft our own brands.

Consider the following:

-What is the brand? -What is being performed? -What is the role of font, image, color, repetition? -What mode would you choose – if you had more time? -Refer to four principles covered in the NDDH: -proximity (like things are grouped together); contrast (things should either be the same or very different); repetition (creates unity); alignment (all elements should have some visual connection to the others)

Below are some images that may be helpful, but each group is encouraged to use web resources to seek out new images.