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Poetry Is Way Better Than Prose:

Colin Bailey

Ann Reeser

Diego Acosta

Ana Virgin

Aaron Daugherty

Din Magazine is a multimedia, online journal. As such, Din has the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of a print journal by hosting multimedia works such as video, audio, and photographic slide-shows to name a few. For this reason, Din is movement and noise; it is sight as well as sound; and ultimately Din is the collaborative effort of multiple forms of art coming together.
submitters of poetry will be limited to one submission of five poems or five pages of poetry at max. Our focus is on newer voices within the undergraduate community, while having an eye out for exceptional works by individuals who submit from outside of this community. I say this because we have limited ourselves to undergraduate students last year and still accepted a few works from graduate students and/or instructors, i.e. Sheila Black's poetry was accepted last year. We intend to limit our final choice of submissions to a maximum of fifteen poets overall. Submissions will be blind, so that we can assure our publication is honest.

Also: I believe that one of the great successes of the previous issue of Din was due to the diversity of submitters found from both inside and outside of the NMSU campus. I don't believe there is a need for us to be secluded to an NMSU niche market. Branching out to other Universities is an efficient way to make our magazine visible. Along with this, we should consider those individuals that were a part of Din magazine before who would essentially be shut out of our second issue due to an NMSU only policy. Part of being a publication is having some measure of stability. We can not simply change the rules of the magazine every year and expect the magazine to grow and become more than it was the year before, which should be our primary goal.

Instead of reposting the files we have chosen for publication, I'm just going to list them by title and file number so that you can click on the file and read the poems there.
The poems we chose are:
Summer in California; Erase--poetry 5
Let's Destroy Something--poetry 6
My dad is full--poetry 16
Snow White; Movies--poetry 17
Birthday--poetry 25
Here She Goes--poetry 29

Plus, there are three other poems that we have chosen, but they aren't up on the wiki just yet.